Gratefully, me!

The turkey herd is in hiding these days! They made one last bold appearance late last week, but now they’ve gotten word that Thanksgiving Day is near. They are actually so ugly you’d think they’d be happy to be eaten. (I know, that’s not charitable.) I’ll bet they are slinking around in the woods out back at this very moment. Not to worry! I think their status is practically “State Bird” here in Massachusetts. We will be having turkey (several, in fact, since we are about 70 Sisters here), but they are imported from some market turkey farm. I know who is cooking our turkeys, so I know Thursday will be a golden day for those birds.

While we are happily stuffing the turkeys (and ourselves), hopefully we will be filling the universe with gratitude. How clever our God is that he could make something as unattractive as a turkey taste so good! And on Thanksgiving we try to concentrate on all his marvels that came our way this past year. Each of us has had our glory blessings – the things we’re so happy came our way – and some other things that we are still scratching our heads over: was that really supposed to be a blessing? A lot of these magical and mysterious blessings have to do with the other folks in our lives. Thinking of those mysterious blessings: sometimes it may be an unwelcome friend who blitzes through our life like those unwanted turkeys – pecking, strutting, gobbling. Perhaps the good Lord wants us to spend some time with this comparison. What if we were to find the perfect seasoning, letting the friendship marinate in love, and roast it in our caring heart? We might find a real blessing waiting to be shared in the coming year.

This Thanksgiving we try to remember that blessings don’t have to be beautiful. All they need is recognition and a grateful heart.

P.S. I hope the yellow lines between each word won’t show up on the page, but if they do I suppose even that is a blessing!


2 thoughts on “Gratefully, me!

  1. ,,i am the unwelcomed friend,,,, just a loud and noisey cymbal,, that lacks love,,,,,,,,,,my apology to all Dosp,fsp. Enjoy turkey lurkey day,,,,,full of love. Just utilize the delete button. Your are Sr.s but your human too.. People who act like me think you have to tolerate and love us. You don’t!


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