The American Way

Yesterday I was upset when I read the account of the deportation of Guadalupe Garcia de Rayos. The ICE enforcers should  be going after major criminals and not soft targets like a woman who has  regularly reported in as she was told to do. It seems as if the agents only want numbers, so they grab the easiest targets – namely, someone’s mother.

This heartless incident made me think of a poem written by Thomas Merton about a young woman from China who made her way into Hong Kong only to be sent back. The poem is entitled A Picture of Lee Ying. Here is part of what he said.

She must go back where she came from no more need be said

Whenever the authorities are alarmed everyone must return to China

We too know all about sorrow we have seen it in the movies

You have our sympathy Miss Lee Ying you must go where we are sorry for your future

Too bad some people get all the rough breaks the authorities regret

Refugees from China have caused alarm

When the authorities are alarmed what can you do

You can return to China

Their alarm is worse than your sorrow

I for one do not agree, if this is the new American way of dealing  with people seeking the life we enjoy.


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