Matthew and Attentiveness (Mt 2:13-15)

God is watching over all. He may not always intervene in danger as we see here in Matthew’s Gospel, but God is watching nonetheless. Because of the importance of this Child and his parents (for his sake), and all of them for God’s eternal plan, an angel is again sent to direct events. Fortunately, Joseph, the just, the upright man, was attuned to God’s messengers and he acted immediately. The very night of his dream, Joseph took Mary and the Child into Egypt. This wasn’t an easy feat, not an easy trip, especially since it happened “in flight” – rapidly, stealthily. The Gospel doesn’t say how Joseph learned of Herod’s death, or how long after their escape into Egypt it happened, but to fulfill a prophecy and to continue the saving plan: God called his son from Egypt.

Your calls and messages are given even to me, and I imagine also to all your children. I recall several times when I was taken aback by the suddenness and reality of your words. I did act upon them, although you know not always promptly or positively. Then there are your messages that are less-startling and are reflected on afterward. But, tell me, dear Lord, might my occasional “hemming and hawing” not be a sign of my familiarity with you? Also a sign of your trust in me? Is this what prayer looks like? Sharpen my awareness of you and strengthen me to be more attentive, as was Joseph.